SAP SD ( Sales and Distribution ) is one the largest functional Module in SAP.It handles all the processes from an Order to delivery. The main operations this module handles are Customer Sales Orders processing, pricing, Picking, packing, Shipping, billing and risk management etc.

Different customers can assume different roles in a business transaction. The customer who places the order doesn’t necessarily have to be the same customer who receives the goods, or who is responsible for paying the invoice. Assigning partner roles in SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) determines the functions of particular partners in the sales process.

Pricing procedure is associated with the sales document and provides the different components needed to come to final agreements with customers on the price they will pay for the goods or service. Prices are stored as data within condition records. The values for condition could be for base price, surcharge, and discount. These are defined by condition types, which determine the category and describes how the condition is used.

Condition maintenance has two maintenance interfaces. You can mass maintain conditions based on characteristics like customers and material, which allows you to maintain condition records across all condition types and condition tables. The new condition maintenance function can be configured using the area menu.

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