SAP Fiori is a new user experience (UX) for SAP software and applications. It provides a set of applications that are used in regular business functions like work approvals, financial apps, calculation apps and various self-service apps.

SAP Fiori provides 300+ role-based applications like HR, Manufacturing, finance, etc. When you open the SAP Fiori home page application, you will see a picture of the flowers. It is because Fiori means ‘flowers’ in Italian.

SAP Fiori provides all business roles in real time on compatible hand devices. It offers business roles on easy to use functions, simple with unmatched responsiveness on desktop, smartphones and Tablets.

SAP Fiori enables multiple device applications that allow users to start a process on their desktop/laptops and to continue that process on a smartphone or on a tablet. SAP has developed Fiori Apps based on User interface UI5.

SAP UI5 is a Java script based framework that is used to design multi-platform business applications. It supports various data models and views do desktop and mobile applications. SAP UI5 compiles on open Ajax and can be combined with java script libraries.

SAP UI5 was initially named phoenix that was later changed to SAP UI5 in 2011.

Key UI Technologies

  • Web Dynpro ABAP and Floorplan manager tool can be used for creating new applications.
  • SAP UI5 and UI5 application development tools to change adapt or develop new applications.
  • SAP Dynpro is used to include Screen Personas for GUI optimization

Characteristics of SAP UI5

The characteristics of SAP UI5 are as follows −

  • Well Designed models, easy to consume.
  • Performance optimized with compliant of SAP standards
  • Support Ajax open source
  • Includes JavaScript library
  • Extensible UI component model
  • Based on open standards like Ajax, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML 5.


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