Online Learning - Future and Scopes

You cannot discuss a single contemporary subject without breathing the C word. Let’s face it- the world’s tilt has shifted during the present pandemic, and we can either wither lamenting the olden period or learn from the history of  mid-1300s Black Plague- be a part of the Renaissance that should ensue.

Every change begins with the conception of knowledge, distribution of knowledge and encounter of the knowledge of a new kind.

E-learning has already arrived. The pandemic puts it in fast gear. The obvious benefits we have eavesdropped on discussions at houses, in news and articles or from chitchatting friends include the education’s affordability, easy accessibility and accentuation. No longer must you commute a long way to knowledge. Knowledge finds a home in you if you let it in.

Consider the availability- your eagerness, broadband strength, device are the basic components required, and the fact that you are even reading these lines point out you have the access to all those above.

E-learning does not cost an unending student loan or your father’s pension fund. It does not make you bear the Paying Guest accommodations, crummy food, vile roommates, and distractions accompanied.  Hey, it even accommodates your timings and shifts. Question arises- Does Post Covid-19 World need long residential format of education? Answer shall circumnutate to the methods of online education.

Already the majority of the industries, institutions, and concerns accept E-learning certificates provided by an affiliated academy. Imagine learning from your own place and applying for jobs from your safety, and then your flight is your destiny.

The Darwinian revolution in the system has certain triggers. Learning tends to avail the following tools to draw your attention and to teach you comfortably-

  • LMS or Learning Management System lays down the tracks between a teacher’s end and a student’s end. Upload a lecture. Download it. Stream. Ask. Answer.
  • VR and AR or Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality make your education surrounding and embracing. Imagine the possibility where a student needs a laboratory or a real life situation to comprehend a lesson.
  • Gamification provides you a playful and yet piercing experience. Search for the term and you shall be told that it represents typical elements of game playing (e.g. Point Scoring, Competition, Rules of a Game) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique or E-learning.
  • Coding is suddenly not a computer world term but a need even if you want to teach or study literature. Coding builds the bridge between the provider of the knowledge and the acceptor.
  • Now all we need is a Smart Classroom, and yet the Smart Classroom is an on-the-campus immersive and interactive environment no more. Your room can be the other end of a projector. The projection can be an online video or an animated course.

The psyche still dwindles on the dearth of any F2F (Face to Face) teaching method and classmates, shared coffee, crosschecking the notes, in one word- the social interface of education modules.
Are we actually sacrificing those? Before social media and after social media situations are hardly any different. We share a laugh, shiver from a bully, break-up with a friend, if too quickly. The modes have widened the social expanse, blended the cultures and shattered the decades of status quo.