Skylance Academy As Industry’s Leader

In simple words leadership belongs to the one who not only leads but often finds a path amid difficulties of in an unknown territory. Leadership also bring the burden of convincing the followers and the trouble of facing the unknown on one’s own.

The Novel virus pandemic has made the world look into age-old problems and into the need to find a new path. Many are suffering and confused- where to begin. We, the Academies, must focus on Nelson Mandela’s words – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Teachers must meet each and every student’s needs this time by reaching them via online methods.

The aforementioned situation calls for some institution to lead and Skylance Academy does not shy away from that role. For a persuasive argument in favor of Skylance’s leadership in the new age education industry we must take a deep look at what Skylance Academy provides to ensure a candidate’s success and value for their money –

Our Vision

SKYLANCE ACADEMY is an organization built to find a hero within even an ordinary student. Skylance Academy was conceived out of a vision to provide an affordable yet the ‘best possible training, internship program, job placements, seminars, corporate training activities’. One can find more details on the About US Page. The true vision is of course beyond those words and represents some unique ideas to add simplicity and minimalism to the education system so that every student can achieve their personal goals.
Their Mission Statement says it the best – “Chase your dream; we will help you achieve it.”

The Mission & The Method of Skylance

To state it in simple language Skylance Academy has its team of experienced teachers who desire to adopt the new age format for education and are capable of doing so.

The teachers must be weaponized with the tools of simple yet embracing syllabus. Skylance Academy’s available courses already cover Sap PP & QM Certification Training Course, Sap FiCo, Sap Hana Cloud Integration, Sap Hana Administration, Sap MM, Sap SD, Sap Basis, Sap ABAP And Skylance thoroughly teach Data Science, Cloud Technology, Programing Languages, and many more to ready you for the industries hungry to have their future trained to go. The syllabus includes Government approved modules and is created in a manner that even the most naïve person can learn them.

It is already mentioned the team of Industry Experienced Professionals & Trainers or teachers; Skylance Academy courses take Government approved paths, provide certified e-books, have collaborated with several Companies those can provide Jobs and of course Internship & Certification to that extenct, online and classroom training facilities, 24/7 online server for practice, periodical assessment to make you fit & ready for industry, job assistance for the candidates after evaluation, life time support for the courses enrolled into by you.

The most unique part, according to the directors, is a solemn promise to provide The Best Training & The Best Career Path for the candidates by aligning them to Job. Directors Verdict – Don’t Imitate, Understand

Skylance Academy also made E-learning affordable, accessible and in a way more democratic as they reach to a mass and create elite out of the ordinary.