Data Science Course with R


R is an increasingly popular programming language, particularly in the world of data analysis and data science. Over past several years R has garnered immense popularity among Data Science practitioners and it is no surprise that R language is often as referred as lingua franca of Data Science! R is a powerful language used widely for data analysis and statistical computing. It was developed in early 90s. Since then, endless efforts have been made to improve R’s user interface. The journey of R language from a rudimentary text editor to interactive R Studio and more recently Jupyter Notebooks has engaged many data science communities across the world.

Learn and become a pro at R, the most widely used open-source analytics tool in the world. R is preferred by startups and smaller companies. As the statistics of data science is heavy, it requires the strength of a great tool that can efficiently manage the statistical operations. R is the ideal tool that is used to implement several statistical procedures. It is an efficient language for different data science applications as it provides more capabilities. We’ll cover R’s functions and data types, then tackle how to operate on vectors and when to use advanced functions like sorting. You’ll learn how to apply general programming features like “if-else,” and “for loop” commands, and how to wrangle, analyze and visualize data.

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